Shiny roof = no lumpy roof

Work In Progress / 14 August 2021

I'm excited about the roof, but let's face it...I had the most fun blocking out the floor lamps on the landing. :D


The roof is shiny because I set the material to Blinn to help identify lumps. While I don't mind lumps in my mashed potatoes, I do mind them on my organic curvy roof. 

  I admit, this entire time I've been dead set on working macro to micro...and I wanted a break so I put some TLC into these enchanting floor lamps.

  I also, have a lovely modular floor started.  Sculpting in ZBrush is starting to feel like riding a bike. Subdivision levels are making sense now.

Lovely Modular Floor

So far this Environment Art for Unreal class has been pretty helpful, it seems to tie a lot of the pieces together in a way that sticks. Either that or I'm getting that sweet sweet muscle memory.

Happy modeling.